Keeping your home

It can happen to anyone. Sometimes your circumstances change dramatically meaning that you have problems meeting the mortgage payments or you foresee difficulties in the future. In some cases you may have to suspend your mortgage payments for a short time, or even longer. If your mortgage is NHG-backed, then you know you have a safety net, something to fall back on when times are tough.

When times are tough, the last thing you need is to lose your home. NHG can help you stay in your familiar surroundings. Of course no two situations are the same, and the options available will vary from case to case. Sometimes selling your home may become inevitable.

What can you do to keep your home?

Contact your mortgage broker as soon as possible
If you believe your personal circumstances are likely to change dramatically, you should contact your mortgage broker as soon as possible. Your mortgage broker can explore the options available to you and calculate whether you – and/or your partner or ex – will still be able to afford the mortgage.

Try to head off your problems
Of course other people can help you, but you must take action to head off your problems. Try to keep up with the bills and take the initiative to talk to your mortgage broker. Take a critical look at your finances and ask a budget coach to help you adjust your spending to your new financial situation.

Ask us for help
If you can’t find a solution despite all your efforts, you can always contact WEW. For specific situations we can complement the initiatives you and your mortgage broker have taken. For instance, by talking to the mortgage lender about the possible steps to make the mortgage affordable again. This could mean that you keep your home and don’t have to sell at a loss.

If the only option does turn out to be selling your home, even if the sale proceeds are lower than what you still owe on the mortgage, then WEW can help to waive the residual debt and make a significant contribution to finding a fitting solution.

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