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It is important that you provide timely and comprehensive information to both potential and existing borrowers at all phases of the mortgage process. They need to know about the process, the options and about their rights and responsibilities. Use this site to keep up to date on what borrowers need to know.

What is the National Mortgage Guarantee?

The Dutch National Mortgage Guarantee scheme is unique in Europe. It helps people take out a mortgage that is affordable and responsible from the start. And if people run into problems meeting their payments due to circumstances beyond their control, the NHG provides a safety net for the borrower and for the mortgage lender. The National Mortgage Guarantee is referred to in Dutch as ‘NHG’ or ‘Nationale Hypotheek Garantie’.

 The specific circumstances under which borrowers can apply to the NHG are:

  • If they lose their job
  • If their relationship ends
  • If they become disabled for work
  • If their partner dies

What are the advantages of an NHG-backed mortgage?

Safety net if people can no longer meet their mortgage payments
If the borrower’s circumstances change unexpectedly, meaning that they can no longer meet the mortgage payments, NHG provides a safety net. In these types of situations NHG may be able to help the borrower and the lender to make the mortgage affordable again. The aim is to help borrowers keep their homes and avoid being forced to sell at a loss.

Reduced risk of residual debt
If selling the home does turn out the be the only option when a borrower is facing circumstances beyond their control and if there is a residual debt on the mortgage, then NHG will waive this residual debt provided the borrower meets all the NHG requirements. In this case, having come through very difficult circumstances, the borrower can start afresh without any residual debt.

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